June 5, 2013

M for ?

image, courtesy of sittercity.com

Yes, and it's him that makes all else... 
worthwhile :)

Till next post peeps!


 Baby L 

May 23, 2013

Say what ?

Say What ? 

image by www.imfunny.net


March 27, 2013

Latest Addition :)

Well well..... its been a while :)
Been busy lately especially adjusting to the
new role as a mom, zombie-mombe sleepless nights,
adjusting & understanding this little fella...etc etc....
Ze thing with baby, your day would never be dull again coz
it's full of surprises! *smirk*
Despite how scary it might sounds,
rest assured as it's all worthwhile :)  
Latest addition to the family
Baby Louis :)

After a blast of COL(cried out loud)

How's 2013 treating everyone so far ? :) 
Till then~


December 31, 2012

Living the moment

 Well, whilst typing this post I'm pretty sure that all the
people are swarming the street, give their toast, families are gathered... all set to welcome the New Year :)
2012....how shall I put it ? 
Started just like any another year except Life always had an intriguing way of throwing surprises at you(one after another). Of course, hiccups & bumpy road along the journey is inevitable. It's almost like a must have ingredients in a cooking that spice it up & makes the flavours pops!

Upon cruising down the aisle of 2013,
all image by myLusciouslife.com

No fancy schmancy new year resolutions for me this year round.
As I believe a bluntly aimed new year resolutions might lead to 
a futile attempt, that can put you down. 
(you know how the 5% of alcohol leads to another extra items on your resolutions list aite?)

It's gonna be a year of,
"One thing at a time" 
so I can focus & move on to
bigger challenges while not sweating the small stuff.
How bout everyone? :)

Happy New Year 2013!

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