January 31, 2011


I bet most of us here(Malaysia) are quite familiar with a few of local Big Labels that make it to the International Arena, in this case, Paris. Paris, the field for big players to show case their collections, Couture, Cruise, Ready-to-Wear. Bernard Chandran, Zang Toi, Jimmy Choo are the names that are no stranger to us,who turned a fable into a true story. And yet, another great discovery was found while browsing through Teen vogue.  

Farah Khan, originally founder and president of The Melium Group which venture into Malaysia market with a Bold & Luxurious labels 22 yrs ago, now has her self-named clothing collections. Again,disdain obstacles & vast competitions, recently she launched her Holiday Collections @ Kuala Lumpur with a breeze~.(read more)  

Rashidah Jones in Farah Khan
@  The Cosmopolitan Grand Opening and
New Year's Eve Celebration in Las Vegas
                    Photo credit, Teenvogue

Maria Sarapova in Farah Khan
@ Pre-Wimbledon partyphoto credit, tennispaper

Check out more of Farah Khan collections here. A true inspiration, for all of us, despite designers & fashionista. More of whats-goin-on of our local fashion updates & new talents on Mifa. Till then ;) 

Pretzyness :)

January 20, 2011

New Decade

well...well~ Happy New Year 2011 peeps!! I hope its not too late :p (Its gonna be New year for the Lunar calender this coming 3rd of Feb ^^) Sorry for the lack of updates these few weeks since last Christmas. Been swarmed by wedding preparations(yea, Mine)that it felt almost like going through a guerrilla training! Hahhaaa...Okay, that might sounds a bit scary but now i can say,
 Been there, done that!!! Hahaaa~ 

   Photo by, Everbest Bridal House
  Zillions thanks especially to our,
families & friends.
Couldn't have sail through it the without you all~
   Huggss~ =D

A new decade with a new status to start with albeit the daily routine which hit a 180 degree turn....These few weeks is basicly spent renovating a secret hide out~ & well...work =_=

Anyway, the serious part...hehehee...I am gonna teach you some utmost magic! LOL I'm gonna show you how to transform an almost ruin to a avant-garde.

- Almost a ruin -


     photo credit, nikiomahe.com & steendyk.com    
- A Cozy house residing a lake -

How do ya like it? Spooky ain't it..hahaa! JK,No offense intended, LOL! Currently, been digging into Interior design stuff, hope to share some photos of our secret hide out soon...till then, Ciao ;)

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