May 25, 2010

How to travel light (yet so Chic ♥)

Beauty Mantra Must Have :

-Facial kit(cleanser,toner & moisturizer/sunblock from damaging sun)

-Body kit(shower gels,Shampoos & Conditioner, NOTE : Hotel's Bath gel & shampoo can strip moisture from ur skin! Oowhh...well, you don't expect the Hotel to provide you 1st class bath and hair products rite ? Unless you are Paris Hilton!)

-Enough Undies & Bra(for the chics)

Chic must have :

1. We are the Free People Racerback Tank, by Free (STEAL!)

2. Straw Fedora Hat, by (STEAL!)

3. Studded Aviator, by (SPLURGE!)

4. Lola Rose Blue Howlite, Smooth precious Stone Blue Large Bracelet, by (SPLURGE!)

5. Snappy Tunic, by (SPLURGE!)

6. Shorts, (SPLURGE!)

7. Fluffy Suede Fringe Ring Sandals, by (STEAL!)

8. Sandal & Flats, by Vincii( (STEAL!)

One who never fail to pull the look : NICOLE RICHIE.

Have fun

May 21, 2010

Wish List ♥

Drooling over this on Friday Morning *dreaming*

Vintage Chanel '93 Florentine CC Bracelet

Vintage Chanel Coin Necklace

Owh well, You can get it here &
more collection of their Vintage Chanel,

May 5, 2010


So, we go nuts(JK ...actually,I think that fact is some how true, LOL!!) & decided to hit the road on foot. Our original destinations was suppose to be Tambunan! but we got off-tracked(damn quite far) & ended up at Ranau, pls dont ask me why..hahaaa...The road to Tambunan its just like competing in a Rodeo! Not to mention 'astounding' (lots of sharp edges, unexpected turns, Cows along the way, Horses in the middle of the road,Land slides...etc etc)

After we reached Kundasang (about 20 ~ 30 min drive frm Ranau),
we marched our way to War Memorial Park!
& unpacked our 'weapon'.

The ambiance there was just, purely avant-garde

Reminiscing the Romans Era~
(Note : This is NOT a suicidal attempt, in style)

Dehydrated,exhausted & drenched in sweat...I decide to squat down & take my break! LOL!

And continue to pose again!(Recharged, LOL!)
Due to current construction going on Kundasang, the weather its so absurdly Hot! It was suppose to be soothing...Green House effects ? hmmm...

The above pictures were taken at Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort & Spa
(formerly know as Perkasa Hotel)
They have nice private chalet scattered around the hotel &....Hang & Swing Suspension bridge @.@
Weather was breezy, tranquil scenery frm the top as this place has average altitude of 5,000 to 6,000 feet :D
Oh btw, we use the other way to travel back frm Ranau to Kota Kinabalu :)

{Photo credit goes to : SLK}
{Guinea Pig : Me}

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