December 31, 2009

25th December 2009 (Christmas wishes for bRo)

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Here's a LiL sumtin I did over christmas...enjoy ;)

December 23, 2009

so here Goes~

Snow is falling, Soul is crying (at least it rhymes? hahaa)

Pack your silver bells as the season is out,

Spring sways its way back like a voGue,

As the New year welcome You with exuberant blooms of,

uPs & Downs.

Merry Christmas & have a pRosperous new yeaR 2010! (:

December 19, 2009

colour(s) of life

when your steps seems uncertain & your grip seems to knw deep inside the turbulence within, is snapping your attention off the main track...i guess we still have to struggle & makes the best of things, sumhow~ & paint the canvas of our life :)

December 17, 2009


Gossip Girl Season 3, Epi 12("Jenny, Full Of Grace") will only be air on March 8th, 2010 because its now, OFFICIALLY holiday break for the cast =__=" till........sPring 2010. Till then, make sure you are ready for another round of roller coaster ride as the springs come, not only the flowers as the melodrama & miniOns are ready to march their way in, because :-

1.) we still havent seen the solution to the "rufus & lily Tension"

2.) Jenny IS in a new Love triangLe (CHAIR-Chuck & Blair or SERENATE-Serenate & Nate)

3.) Lil eriC is hitting on boyfren pps !

Dont you wish you have, the nkt whole episode(s) of season 3 rite now ? o_o

December 12, 2009

Jelly Heart!

sOmething i did on someone's special Day~

NOTE : full of TLC =P

November 24, 2009

wee wee

Dont you wish you have one of this in your bathroom ? me sampalau~ OR so ah gu...OR jakunzz...but i cant resist my fingers frm trying this 2 knob in one of the Hilton room's toilet...ahakss! pskk psskk *water spray sounds effects* your assh*le OR vajay jayy is clean & clear. For a normal room with this kina facilities i cant imagine their pent house unit~ *drooling here*

November 8, 2009

Foundation weNt wROng..ahaakss!

Okaaaaaaaay~ tHis is when u put too muCh foundations girls! HaHaaaa...JK~ but you knw, you dun want your boyfren to be shoCked in this horrible way when they see you with too much make up! au natural always is the best =D Anway, here's a trail of photo about the place i visited lst wkend, Tuaran, Crocodile farm.

that inside the cage, The Bearcat...Invites u to the crocodile farm (see how eerie i look??)

Other than the eerie part, Koi fish & bLossom flowers awaits you with oPen arms =D

Fountain of yOuth. NOTE : drink the water at your own risk! ahaakss!

Can you sPot sumtin in the above pics?

KungFu fighting! haiyakk~

Lady trainer is brushing our dear croc's teeth !

The guy is Sumazau-inG with the cRoc!

Shows is at 9:00,11:30 and 2:30pm daily! oohyea! RM10 for the adults RM5 for the Kiddie~
For more info, please visit

November 3, 2009

sPit on it & doNT look back(in aNger)

sOme lady try to be biTch and wanna control the game...weLL~ you aRe NOT sarah frm woodlands...ahaaksss! so F-InG stop being one & act like ONe(your acting suxx!!)...Lets play the game they way you want it, we'll see who will slides back...and cRy!
Dieeeeeeee you bitCH!! *stab hystericly n swiff hair back & walk away*

October 29, 2009

why aRe we not busy hunTing foR pumPkins!??

aRe you ONE of those who are busy hunting for Pumpkins these 2 days?? aRe YOU of them who are busy picking on oOh-so-hOrror custume for your lil pleasure, trick or treat ?? hehee..weLL, here in malaysia we dont quite celebrate halloween. Some may organize some sort of-a-like-halloween ambience party, infaCt we do “pull” & rock it in our own way! Ahakss...

So, the above photo is a traditional Irish halloween Jack-O'-lantern from the early 20th. Somehow it brings up the eerie feeling because it has the element of the festival of the dead people. Believe it or not this celebration originate from Ireland(also well known for their sexy & hot guy...JK) & Scotland(the land wear men wear skirts & its much exciting if they play peek-a-bOo...ahaakss). Anyway, according to the Celt in the ancient, the gap between this world & the “Other World” became thin that the spirit, regardless its gud spirit or bad, can come onto our humanic world & pay a visit to their family members(awwwwww or Uhhowww? U decide...hahaaa )

And here's a fact for you all who are attending those halloween custume party, the purpose of wearing one on halloween is to disguise as one of the gHost(so they thought you were one of them...ahakss..hahaaa) and avoid the nasty jokes frm them! Ring a bell ? It does sounds like the chinese believe where they celebrate the, Hungry Ghost Festival.

Infact, the festival is celebrate on the 7th Month of the Chinese calender(Nong Li), where the HELL's gate loose open and all the spirits come wondering in our world. During these time, its like a food fiesta along the road. You'll see fire burning(Sean Kingston, Fire Burning song in the bCkground, jst imagine it k!) , sumwhat like BBQ. Not forgetting all those candies, cookies, Apples & oranges scattered all along the road. So can u get the picture??! are you wit me ? hahaa...Btw, this festival is celebrated over the whole month. So, sit tight and dont come home late cause you dont wanna bump into 'one' on the way home...kekekkeee...

oOH! Happy Trick or Treat! (or have fun thRowing rotten at someone you hate! Ahakss..)

October 23, 2009


one wOrd = induLgenCe!

October 21, 2009

TakE a 'BRAKE'


Feeling nauseas, like a suLphur buRing a hoLe as it makes its way thru my bRain....hOw can i foRgot that i'm still having my periOd & pLan to go for a swim, later this evening. Do i need mOre stick-iT-Note to remind me, DO I do I dO I ? dOOdle la laaa

Counting down towards christmas & with nothing to lOok upOn(at least in the west they have snow to look forward to eihh ??!), the feeling of LOST & unable to grasp on something firm is rinGing HARD. IF only it was really as easy as 1 2 3, like those typical advertisement shown on telivison or we can jst puLL out our compas & know which directions to head to...and marched our way there!

Maybe the feeling will go away as the woRk loads pile( HAIL the jOB that pays off the bILLs, but the pay never RISE, lately...aahaakss~). Shop-a-Therapy ? Some aDrenaline puMping activity perHaps ? I guess its time to Close dowN the scraP bOok with a few pages left for 2009, ASTALAVISTA Babe!! *Burn sCrapbOOk hystericly & PAUSE, is it too early for that? ahaaksss* Can i like have time maChine, had the VENUE-O-METER to the Cowboy era? Because suddenly i felt like riding on a hoRse like a cowboy then shOOt the hell out of all the BAD PUSSY...ahaaakk..hakkss... Okay, i need to stop hunting & Pecking on the keys on my bOard..hahaaa~


October 20, 2009


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September 23, 2009

Lets leaRn how to LaunCh a LifeBoat!

Ahooy..ahooy…Last weekend I manage to pay a visit to MVDoulos..hehehee…So!! Here I want to share a lesson on HOW TO LAUNCH a LIFEBOAT. NOTE: The words they use are Lifeboats instead of Emergency boat. From the picture a.k.a. diagram above u can see the instruction quite clearly. Let me guess, you finish reading it in less than 5 minutes yet have no idea how to launch it, dammn it! Hahaaa…Lets hope some times in the future, in case of ship submersion, some tall, dark & not to mention, handsome ship crew will dashed in and sweep you off your feet and into the Lifeboat!! or vice versa ? hahaaa…You decide!

Okay, enough with the Lifeboat fantasy. My first visit to this ship was way back 10 or 15 yrs ago when they visited. As you make your way on board, you’ll see ang-mO greeting you at the entrance. Not to mention as you step inside further on board towards the books sections of the ship, you’ll see how people from all nations regardless of their skin colour and races are there, voluntarily. This is because MVDoulos do recruit volunteer crews from all over the word. It’s almost like miracle and what amazed us most is that these volunteer crews are brought together only by ONE yet not simple CAUSE, i.e. EXPRESSIONS of Commitment to God! (For more information, please visit

That visit was nothing like an OH-SO-FABOULOUS yet engraved a deep and uncertain feeling of Déjà-vu. Lots of question marks are beaming through my ears & mind…commitment…families…relationship…achievements…goals…Those carefully structured definition of success is starting to unravel.

Anyway, here’s a book that caught my attention immediately & stashed it! The price too! Hahaaa…100 unit, i.e. Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 8 only.(fatttt fattt fattt NOT overweight okay, the Chinese believe this number brings luck)

oOhhh yaa!…another option for you people out there ( NOTE : Might not be an option for some pussy though), you can just hilariously and jump off the ship, gracefully with a bliss, in case of emergency..hehee...You might want to mimic the above expressions while doing your CIRCUS-OF-A-LIFETIME jump…hehheee…At least it makes you look as if you are having fun, a Concert? hahahaa…ahoooyy hoooyy…to the end of the rainbow? Hehehee…who knows you might bump into leprechauns, and they’ll give you a big pot of gold!! No Offense Intended…And Hope None Taken…hehee….till then, ciao!

September 10, 2009

pretzyNess gOes E-crappy

Tranquillity....damnnn, tHat biatch(lets call her 'B', she used to be one wayback..hehehee) is hecKuva pain in de arss! she's kept spiNNing bOut Oh-I-HAD-A-NEW-DISCOVERY (not to mention,exPiRED one) and she continue spiNNing as if she aLmost had an orgasm =____=(okay i knw, ewwwwwww..)

As she kept spinning & continue her journey to u knw where, my mOuse is crawling among those pages & clicking like a zOmbie(i wana be the MJ's zombie frm Plant vs zomBie game!! hahaa). Look-Booking, my fingers jst sways thru the links n clicked on the "create blOG" taB. It jst landed there, uncOnsciously O__O, i guess its fate-ED.

Honestly i aLmost giv up on creating bLog as its been on one of my top 10 TO DO LIST in 2009 yet its already septeMber n i'm not even motivated(dont ask me wheter i've done the others, i can't even recall wat are the other 8 items =P IRONIC, i end up doing it now in d midst of boRedom & try to shut off my bRain frm the buzzing (sumone's one her way to achieve the big "O", again...ewwwww)

so i guess tis is my no.2 fav. spot (no.1 is tadaaaa,my BED =P). Make sure u peeps hang on tiGht to ur seat as i'LL be spiLLing lots of deliciOus, riCh & crispy crapyy crapsssss!! hahhaaa...ciaO for now! ;)

=Genuinely by PretzyNess=
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