September 23, 2009

Lets leaRn how to LaunCh a LifeBoat!

Ahooy..ahooy…Last weekend I manage to pay a visit to MVDoulos..hehehee…So!! Here I want to share a lesson on HOW TO LAUNCH a LIFEBOAT. NOTE: The words they use are Lifeboats instead of Emergency boat. From the picture a.k.a. diagram above u can see the instruction quite clearly. Let me guess, you finish reading it in less than 5 minutes yet have no idea how to launch it, dammn it! Hahaaa…Lets hope some times in the future, in case of ship submersion, some tall, dark & not to mention, handsome ship crew will dashed in and sweep you off your feet and into the Lifeboat!! or vice versa ? hahaaa…You decide!

Okay, enough with the Lifeboat fantasy. My first visit to this ship was way back 10 or 15 yrs ago when they visited. As you make your way on board, you’ll see ang-mO greeting you at the entrance. Not to mention as you step inside further on board towards the books sections of the ship, you’ll see how people from all nations regardless of their skin colour and races are there, voluntarily. This is because MVDoulos do recruit volunteer crews from all over the word. It’s almost like miracle and what amazed us most is that these volunteer crews are brought together only by ONE yet not simple CAUSE, i.e. EXPRESSIONS of Commitment to God! (For more information, please visit

That visit was nothing like an OH-SO-FABOULOUS yet engraved a deep and uncertain feeling of Déjà-vu. Lots of question marks are beaming through my ears & mind…commitment…families…relationship…achievements…goals…Those carefully structured definition of success is starting to unravel.

Anyway, here’s a book that caught my attention immediately & stashed it! The price too! Hahaaa…100 unit, i.e. Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 8 only.(fatttt fattt fattt NOT overweight okay, the Chinese believe this number brings luck)

oOhhh yaa!…another option for you people out there ( NOTE : Might not be an option for some pussy though), you can just hilariously and jump off the ship, gracefully with a bliss, in case of emergency..hehee...You might want to mimic the above expressions while doing your CIRCUS-OF-A-LIFETIME jump…hehheee…At least it makes you look as if you are having fun, a Concert? hahahaa…ahoooyy hoooyy…to the end of the rainbow? Hehehee…who knows you might bump into leprechauns, and they’ll give you a big pot of gold!! No Offense Intended…And Hope None Taken…hehee….till then, ciao!

September 10, 2009

pretzyNess gOes E-crappy

Tranquillity....damnnn, tHat biatch(lets call her 'B', she used to be one wayback..hehehee) is hecKuva pain in de arss! she's kept spiNNing bOut Oh-I-HAD-A-NEW-DISCOVERY (not to mention,exPiRED one) and she continue spiNNing as if she aLmost had an orgasm =____=(okay i knw, ewwwwwww..)

As she kept spinning & continue her journey to u knw where, my mOuse is crawling among those pages & clicking like a zOmbie(i wana be the MJ's zombie frm Plant vs zomBie game!! hahaa). Look-Booking, my fingers jst sways thru the links n clicked on the "create blOG" taB. It jst landed there, uncOnsciously O__O, i guess its fate-ED.

Honestly i aLmost giv up on creating bLog as its been on one of my top 10 TO DO LIST in 2009 yet its already septeMber n i'm not even motivated(dont ask me wheter i've done the others, i can't even recall wat are the other 8 items =P IRONIC, i end up doing it now in d midst of boRedom & try to shut off my bRain frm the buzzing (sumone's one her way to achieve the big "O", again...ewwwww)

so i guess tis is my no.2 fav. spot (no.1 is tadaaaa,my BED =P). Make sure u peeps hang on tiGht to ur seat as i'LL be spiLLing lots of deliciOus, riCh & crispy crapyy crapsssss!! hahhaaa...ciaO for now! ;)

=Genuinely by PretzyNess=
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