December 31, 2012

Living the moment

 Well, whilst typing this post I'm pretty sure that all the
people are swarming the street, give their toast, families are gathered... all set to welcome the New Year :) shall I put it ? 
Started just like any another year except Life always had an intriguing way of throwing surprises at you(one after another). Of course, hiccups & bumpy road along the journey is inevitable. It's almost like a must have ingredients in a cooking that spice it up & makes the flavours pops!

Upon cruising down the aisle of 2013,
all image by

No fancy schmancy new year resolutions for me this year round.
As I believe a bluntly aimed new year resolutions might lead to 
a futile attempt, that can put you down. 
(you know how the 5% of alcohol leads to another extra items on your resolutions list aite?)

It's gonna be a year of,
"One thing at a time" 
so I can focus & move on to
bigger challenges while not sweating the small stuff.
How bout everyone? :)

Happy New Year 2013!


November 13, 2012

New listing

Hi guys, just a quick update here. 
New listing is up on my Etsy store
Hop by & have a look at these lovely n irresistible charms here ;)


November 2, 2012

Fall is Falling

Fall is calling, leaves is falling.
It's time to bid good bye to the shimmery summer
as we step on the brink of fall.

BSK By Bershka Looks West
Oct 2012's Lookbook

So, this collection is really a big hit to me coz
it has that western rugged touch to it while
making a debut into fall. Not too heavy or too thick
for our tropical weather here :)


October 6, 2012

Surprise Surprise

Well, its been a while since I gone MIA. And....
yeap, that's me. Officially pregnant!(5 Months now)
Despite being embroiled in the sickness,mood swings,hormones, etc...I'm growing huge healthier & strong as ever :)
So, whats new everyone ? :D


July 13, 2012

On my way

reblogged from Gypsy Mess
(source : Wasted Rita)

So, what's everyone holding up to lately ?
Waiting to break some good news with you all~
Till then peeps ;)


June 16, 2012

Singapore, Part 3

Part 3 continues...
well, after seeing the photo below I bet
you know my "foursquare".
I must admit, we took two Transformer ride :p
The Mummy
Cyclone Roller Coaster

Water World show
Words of advice : The front seats gonna get u wet. 
(You'll stumble upon more shops as you make your way
around the Universal Studios)
Muscle Cars, Classic~
visiting Shrek & Fiona!
Oscar moment, LOL
 Thank you, thank you so much *queen wave*

Shorts : Blu Sands
Sling Bag :
Accessories : F21 leather band 

Till next post aite :)
photos by SLK


June 12, 2012

Singapore, Part 2

Let's cross over to the dark side.........
Part 2 shall begin :p
Uber light *zap zap*
and stage on fire. JK.
The Water & Light Show begins
(every night at the Marina Bay front, starts at 8pm)

The End of Part 2 :)
Be sure to stay tune for Part 3.

All photos by SLK


Singapore, Part 1

Hi there!
yea, it's been a while & am back with a recharge!
So, here I want to share with you photos of my Singapore getaway.
Hope you enjoy it :)

Hustle bustle of Bugis street
along Orchard Road
Shopping *Megawatt smile*
What else ? 
Then off we go to the Banana Boat
Marina Bay Sands
Heaps of luxurious brand here
Oh btw, this view was from the observation deck.
Only hotel guests are allowed to "the other side". Yea,
the part with pool & garden.
Can you see the Louis Vuitton Island Maison ?
Top : Cotton On

Pants : EDC Coloured Denim
Flats : Vincci

Part 2 coming right away :)
 All photo by SLK

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