September 29, 2010

Down, again

Hi, all~ yes.....I'm down with sickness again & this time more Avant-Garde(Ear infection, thanks to the germs from previous fever).

Pros : I get to an M.C. (yayyy!! No office today!!)
Cons : I have to finish 2 stripes of Antibiotics :& yaikss~

Of course while on bed you need a good book!
(Hope to finish it soon,its been ages LOL!)

Till then, Take care guys! :D

September 20, 2010

When They say, I Do.

When couples say, I do, they __________ .(Kindly fill in the blank to suit your needs. LOL...hahaaa~) okay, cut the crap...So, i attended a fren of a fren's wedding's last weekend. Congrats Edmund & Cee Yi! :D More photos of their wedding here .

Edmund & Cee Yi

&..........When they say, Nah~ ____________ .
(Yea, fill in the blank, again! hahaaa!)

Dress, Shoe & Acessories: Maylana (Boutique)
Handbag : Gift from a lavly gal :)

September 11, 2010

A little Unwell

Down with fever for 3 days...can barely eat anything solid except fluid.....yet Miracle....yea, I mean pull myself up & browse through the store & back, NOT empty handed...Oh Gawd~ FYI : Girls have these natural glows when they shop...guys take note of that! hahaaa!

Sultry Lace :D
(FYI : this is not lingerie pieces,LOL!
Fall in lurve instantly with the paper bag!!)
Can't wait to show u guys these outfit, stay tune!!

September 6, 2010

31st August & I did it my way~

We Malaysian celebrate our Independence day on 31st Aug(yayy!! it means Holidays!!). Well for me, i skipped the parade aka the crowds & op for a movie. Watched Repo men & almost vomited out my lunch & went for a snap-O-snap sessions at the boardwalk :D


Words translated from the above photo,
English : Fishing is forbidden, convict will be fine RM500!!
BS(Bahasa Sabah) : Jangan kamurang curi-curi pancing sini, 
kana danda RM500, baru kamu tau! hahaaa!!(JK, No Offense)

Top : Pop Soda
Bottom : Levi's Jeans
Necklace : From a Stall in a shopping mall
Leaf shape Ring : Topshop(UK)
Shoe : Atmosphere,Primark
Handbag : MNG / MANGO

Photo Courtesy : SLK
Edited by: Me
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