October 21, 2011

Fashion F.R.I.D.A.Y

TGIF peeps! :D Just want to share a little bit of something for
"Fashion F.R.I.D.A.Y"

How scarves can be worn in so many(gorgeous) ways 
ft. Fang Jun Zi Xu, styled by Cristina Terron and
photograph by Pelagio Armenta.

Hermes Scarf & Bracelets + Malababa Earings
 Hermes Scarf + Chanel Bangles

Louis Vuitton Scarf + Malababa Necklace
silk scarf by Hermes

Louis Vuitton Scarf + Hermes Bracelets
The last looks kinna remind me of the superwoman from 

Marvell comics, don't ya ? 

all photo by, Fashion Gone Rogue

Have a blast weekend peeps! Till next post ;D


October 13, 2011

Free & Easy

They say, good times always pass by in just a blink & it's our last day in Bali(and soon the dreadful back to reality transition). 
Last day was Free & Easy where we swirl in the hustle bustle of Kuta! :D

Some sweetness to tame the scorching hot day! 
Coldstone ice cream was ubber kewl~
"What cha looking at"
Near our hotel "Bali Rani Hotel"
Art is expressed in every aspect. 
Look at their beautifully carved manhole covers!
As we walk around the maze of Kuta town, 
we finally stumble upon Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe
Then it's the Sunset of Bali :)
So we headed to the stretch of beach behind Discovery Mall, 
called Kuta Beach
Everyone with their activities and of course....
Us too, cam whore!
The sunset at Kuta beach marked our last pit stop for the vacation.
Simply swayed and mesmerized by the golden champagne color whilst they shimmer and glam upon the sand and sea.
As for the dinner, we tried some of their local delicacies from the hotel restaurant :)
"Bebek Goreng" a.k.a. Fried Duck
Peking Duck with Balinese Sauce = Awesomeness
"Tho shall not miss the dessert"
All photos credit to SLK.

Outfit of the day 
Top : Edc by Esprit
Shorts : Cotton On
Bag : Fabrics Batik Sling bag
Rings : Fruitful bargain from the Local Market!
- The End of Bali Trip-

Till next post peeps! :D  


October 5, 2011

Bali : Day 3

Hey Hey! Hello again, and here is Day 3 of my Bali journey. 
We visited another temple before heading for lunch at restaurant at a high ground. After the lunch break, we then moved on to Lake Bratan i.e. the second largest lake in Bali near Bedugul. Last but not least, the must visit floating temple, Tanah Lot.
Enjoy ;)

At the pool area of the hotel
Say wuuu lala
Just some madness before the tour start 
Infront of the temple. 
Did you notice their gate/entrance is made of split gate ? 
They believe that every element on this earth is off good and bad. 
Yin and Yang, ring the bell ? 
Many...Many "Offerings"
Even the rope is handmade.
Snapshots of the view from the restaurant
Lake Bratan
Ooh look, cookie monster on the loose! JK. 
If you happen to notice, its all made of grains, beans & corns. 
Well, according to the tour guide they had a big ceremony last year & a few status was build in accordance to this event.
I call these shy flower, they just love to lay low
Infront of Tanah Lot temple gate
Fly babe fly!
Outfit for the day :
Dress : Cotton On
Sling Bag : Batik fabrics bag
Watch : Michael Kors
Rings : from local market (I'll show the zoom in
 version in next photos aite?)

Up next would be photos from our last day in Bali, 
the free & gaga easy day! Stay tune ;D

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