April 28, 2011

Spotlight on : Emma Roberts on Seventeen

If you've watched Sream 4 lately, then you'll might wonder who is that girl, yes, she is Emma Roberts. She also play a role in Valentine Day movie 2010. Despite her singing career that plunge into no where, yet she's been stealing the lime light more on stage for theater & movies. And now, she is on Seventeen magazine cover for May 2011, looking blissfully fabulous.

image by, seventeen magazine

image by, denimblog

Above are some of her photos off-screen :D
Always Chic in her own way :)
Who are your fashion inspirations ? Till then~


April 25, 2011

Chocolate Fondant @ La Safran

Hey Hey, Happy Belated Easter peeps! :D How's your weekend goin? Just wanna share with you guys this lovely french cruise Restaurant at Suria shopping mall. Went to this restaurant last weekend to try out the dessert.

La Safran

Cappuccino for the photographer

Ordered their, Almond berry tart & Chocolate Fondant 

and of course, Mocha Latte


The, Chocolate Fondant 

The chocolate river flows from the snowy mountain of fondant,
and to our tummy!

A must ordered if you visited this restaurant :)
After the sweet treat, we went for a nite sight-seeing
of Jesselton Point.

All photos credit, by SLK :)

Sometimes, we were so entwined by the routine that we forgot to sometimes, Pause & be amazed by the things around us,

Breathtaking ain't it ? :)


April 19, 2011

MANGO sports collection SS2011

Can't resist this piece upon passing by MANGO store last weekend! And this is how the weather been lately, a piece of Blue sky without horizon & without a single (cloud) formations.

What's your catch for this spring collections ? Share wit me :) Till then peeps~ 


April 17, 2011

B.liv by Cellnique

Hey Peeps! How's your weekend been? Well, for me it's been 14 days(okay, more than 14 to be honest) since i tried the product, b.liv by cellnique, read more bout the blackhead serum package that i bought here :) This product review was kinna unexpected as i didn't usually do product review on my blog, but upon request from a lavly fren, Why not ? :)

As you can read from the previous post, upon application it felt cold (almost sensational) & i like the fact that it is fragrance free. Just a little information here, my blackheads problem you can say, is spreading like an aggresive tumor. It's constantly growing back within 3 days of removal(I usually use those nose strips,yea i still use it). When it grows to its fullest, the whole nose felt like a land full grown with Cactus. 

So, this is the photos of my blackheads on a piece of nose strip. Note : I HAD to use averagely 2 strips per week(The cost ain't cheap babe)



Above, photos taken after using the b.liv blackhead sebum gel.
(and i scrub the T zone area once a week)

Overall rating i would giv out of 10 base on effectiveness? I would say 8/10. Would I buy it again? Yes :) 


April 13, 2011

Spring voila, Let's Gear up~

Spring NeceSSories
(Necessary Accessories)

 1.Coloured Chinos - Zara
 2.1971 Reiss Ciara Leather Tassel Bag - asos
 3.Warehouse Chain Tassel Belt - asos
 4.Madewell Widelegger jeans - Madewell
 5.Karen Walker Helter Skelter sunglasses - shopbop
 6.Buttoned Wedge Shoe - Zara
  (Nude Color is the latest "IT" colour !)

What bout your Spring gears? :)  Till then~ 



April 8, 2011

April Showers

Burberry's April Showers 

Photos by, Burberry

Just the right things to keep you dry on a rainy day

and looking chic~ :D


April 2, 2011

Off those heads!

They say, work hard & play hard. Yeah~ Been working my ass brain off lately, late nite readings, caffein overdosed, researching, Self-enrichment, etc. Splurge, to my definition in general(i believe in most of the girls' vocab too) is, when browsing thru the malls and end up a few stuff extra in the shopping bag. Bought these this product named, b.liv by Cellnique at Sasa.

A set of blackheads & whiteheads sebum gel(30ml),3 packs of moisturizing  sheet mask & a small fabric tote.
The so called under promotion set cost RM 149.00, good deal ? 

No kidding, this post has nothing to do with cutting off the heads, human heads nor animal heads...or any kind of heads :D

Upon application it felt cold, sending you a cooling sensation. Instructions given are, to use in the morning & evening, 2 times a day for 14 days. (Its a money guaranteed product peeps!)
Am expecting a good results after 14 days. Cause having blackheads problems is almost like a migrain,u cant fathom how worse it can goes. 
Do check out their other products here, b.liv :)


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