April 27, 2012

Say hello

Hi there :)

Meet Bella!
(trust me the name has nothing to do with Twilight or watsoever)
I just turned 1 yrs old & a big big fan
of peanut butter.
Our current(been quite sometime actually)
 addition to the crib :)

April 16, 2012

ctrl + Brake

Woila, am back! My apology for the lack of updates.
With so many goin on the fast lane, it's so cinch that one got
tangled up in a vain, no ? 
No more lemmings I say & as a start I decided to sketch a little
something for myself, as a baby step :)
Remember : Dream BOLD.
Feel GOOD.
MAKE your move.
flash that megawatt SMILE :)
Remember the key ,
Forgive my off-the-bed looks, 
as I've been summoned to model unexpectedly (:
It won't do u magic nor a switch of kismet, 
but these are jst words.
Words, that will fuel your drive to make sure that DREAM is within grasp.
Till then peeps :)


April 9, 2012

Add me on Pinterest!

Heloo... Are you currently on Pinterest

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