November 24, 2009

wee wee

Dont you wish you have one of this in your bathroom ? me sampalau~ OR so ah gu...OR jakunzz...but i cant resist my fingers frm trying this 2 knob in one of the Hilton room's toilet...ahakss! pskk psskk *water spray sounds effects* your assh*le OR vajay jayy is clean & clear. For a normal room with this kina facilities i cant imagine their pent house unit~ *drooling here*

November 8, 2009

Foundation weNt wROng..ahaakss!

Okaaaaaaaay~ tHis is when u put too muCh foundations girls! HaHaaaa...JK~ but you knw, you dun want your boyfren to be shoCked in this horrible way when they see you with too much make up! au natural always is the best =D Anway, here's a trail of photo about the place i visited lst wkend, Tuaran, Crocodile farm.

that inside the cage, The Bearcat...Invites u to the crocodile farm (see how eerie i look??)

Other than the eerie part, Koi fish & bLossom flowers awaits you with oPen arms =D

Fountain of yOuth. NOTE : drink the water at your own risk! ahaakss!

Can you sPot sumtin in the above pics?

KungFu fighting! haiyakk~

Lady trainer is brushing our dear croc's teeth !

The guy is Sumazau-inG with the cRoc!

Shows is at 9:00,11:30 and 2:30pm daily! oohyea! RM10 for the adults RM5 for the Kiddie~
For more info, please visit

November 3, 2009

sPit on it & doNT look back(in aNger)

sOme lady try to be biTch and wanna control the game...weLL~ you aRe NOT sarah frm woodlands...ahaaksss! so F-InG stop being one & act like ONe(your acting suxx!!)...Lets play the game they way you want it, we'll see who will slides back...and cRy!
Dieeeeeeee you bitCH!! *stab hystericly n swiff hair back & walk away*

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