June 24, 2011

Summer And The City

Hey everyone, how's your week has been ? :D Mine has been a bit graveled, as I was busy with work & weaved my way of through the Interior Designer stuff. Am moving soon & working on the Home Improvement 101 (: Hope to share some photos from my new crib soon :) 
A tattered mind & soul might stopping me from constant spontaneous shopping, but hell..it sure didn't stop me from buying online. Been eyeing this book even before it is officially published( I read the previous book, The Carries's Diaries and got hooked) Cause i wonder what happens to Carrie when she got to New York penniless.Bought this from Amazon USA & it took about 1 month plus to reach my place. So, this babe has been the Must-Read regime before bed time :) 

The hard cover Summer And The City 

The cover really looks so REAL!
Pretty in Pink

The book without the pink cover

The author, Candace Bushnell

Upon reading chapter 1 & 2, I'm already blown away by the vocabulary & voluminous writing. As you read, it was almost as if being in NYC yourself, every single intricate details is journalized in this books. 
What has been on your shelf lately ? :D Till then~


June 15, 2011

Current Inspiration

Despite the rave that been going on last few months bout the Royal wedding, apparently the Hollywood lime light does not only shone upon on Kate Middleton. Pippa Middleton, the Royal In Law in fact had been the apple of the eye(s) among the paparazzi. Though not quite the socialite herself, I love how she pulled the pieces together. Overall outfit achieved ? she get away with looking so polished & chic without looking trying too hard. Without too much intricate details, instead she won the game by playing with key pieces.
c'est la mode!


Image by, Denimblog & Backseat Cuddler 

Don't you just loved her effortlessly Chic outfit ?
What's been your inspirations lately ?
Hope you guys have a good day ahead :) Ciao~


June 8, 2011

A Sheer of flowers in the Park

Woke up early last weekend & decided to visit the new park, Perdana Park. Well, its been a while but never got the chance too lazy to visit. So here goes. And of course as usual, as pertinent as the warm weather,a photoshoot is a must! Hope you guys enjoy the photos :D 

Atkinson Tower with "1 Malaysia" slogan 

So, where u heading for the weekend ? :D
Special credit goes to the photographer, SLK
for waking up so early & sweating under the sun!

Sheer Top : Laura Ashley
Watch : Micheal Kors
Bag : Brandless Turquoise Bag
Pants : Random Korean brand(it comes with the belt)
Heels : CarloRino


June 2, 2011

Tortoise Acrylic Babe

Hey Hey, Am back! Sorry for the late updates as the internet connection lately had been as frenzy as my tress. I knew it's been a while since my outfit post, hope to work on a photo shoot this coming weekend *yayy!* So, here are my latest splurge to my collections :D

Michael Kors Mini Tortoise Acrylic Watch

As usual, Photo credit goes to SLK

Grab it here! :D Till then peeps!
What's been your guilt & sinful splurge this week ? :D 

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