January 31, 2012

January Inspirations

With the overwhelming Chinese Lunar Calender New Year around the corner, every body is beaming with RED. Yea, we Chinese believe Red is an auspicious colour that bring good luck. Despite that, the coming Spring Summer already welcome the neon & pastel families. The collections is a smorgasbord of different cuts, colours & material.

Collections from DL1961's SS2012

Colour palette of the X-Fit
all photo by, Denimblog

Loving those jaunty demeanor of the jeans! 

What do you think ? Till next time ;D

January 9, 2012

Foot on 2400 feet

Well well...my apology for being MIA. After hustle bustle of work
& holidays, finally got a chance to get away from the town &

a post for mi blog in this 2012 :)
We rode up to this place which is 30m off Kota Kinabalu town & located about 2400 feet above sea level. The name is
Kasih Sayang Resort. Enjoy the photos~

Quite a long winded road but the view is
promising & you basically can see the whole town from here.
Didn't manage to stay overnite tho,
so we grab a drink.
And of course light snack is a must...
NOTE : Seriously tantalizing to the taste bud 
Side view of the resorts. 
Check out more info about the place here

Sweater: MANGO
Shorts: MANGO
Top: Random brand
Random brand

Happy New Year everyone! :D
(yea i knew it's kinna too late...)


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