October 21, 2009

TakE a 'BRAKE'


Feeling nauseas, like a suLphur buRing a hoLe as it makes its way thru my bRain....hOw can i foRgot that i'm still having my periOd & pLan to go for a swim, later this evening. Do i need mOre stick-iT-Note to remind me, DO I do I dO I ? dOOdle dooo...la la laaa

Counting down towards christmas & with nothing to lOok upOn(at least in the west they have snow to look forward to eihh ??!), the feeling of LOST & unable to grasp on something firm is rinGing HARD. IF only it was really as easy as 1 2 3, like those typical advertisement shown on telivison or we can jst puLL out our compas & know which directions to head to...and marched our way there!

Maybe the feeling will go away as the woRk loads pile( HAIL the jOB that pays off the bILLs, but the pay never RISE, lately...aahaakss~). Shop-a-Therapy ? Some aDrenaline puMping activity perHaps ? I guess its time to Close dowN the scraP bOok with a few pages left for 2009, ASTALAVISTA Babe!! *Burn sCrapbOOk hystericly & PAUSE, is it too early for that? ahaaksss* Can i like have time maChine, had the VENUE-O-METER to the Cowboy era? Because suddenly i felt like riding on a hoRse like a cowboy then shOOt the hell out of all the BAD PUSSY...ahaaakk..hakkss... Okay, i need to stop hunting & Pecking on the keys on my bOard..hahaaa~



Lik Kuan said...

yea, work load increase, pay never increase...some pussy work load decrease, but their pay increase????? for no reason??

PretzyNess said...

ahaaakksss...ahaaaakksss *cOugh cOugh coz work too hard* hahaaa~

LaViaP said...

well... when the work is getting easier, the higher your salary is hehehe

psstt!!! install falling snow on your blog hehehe

PretzyNess said...

uinahh~ how do exactly do i do that ? teach me HTML coding pls *sob sob & roll on floor*

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