January 23, 2010


Finally got my hands on them!! Come to mama baby~ het het het..


Anonymous said...

now that really rock ass.. \m/

LaViaP said...

i seriously don't know how to tell if a women shoe looks good or not.

Papams said...

wowzes... C&K lagi tuh!! awesome gurl~

PretzyNess said...

Sen : yea, u really have an eye for fashion *cherrs* hahaa..the shoe gives u the confident boOst + rocker chic vibe ;P

Pai : Depends on wat looks u wanna pull i guess ;) Get a girl fren quickly & ask her to elaborate more..hahaha~

Pam : Been looking for sumtin like tis for months~ & tis is a reward for myself for not buying on pulse(since 2 months ago..sob sob) =P

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