April 24, 2010

weeeee~~ k-enD

Diary of a wkend

Am : Force ma self to get up early &
stop by to pay up some bills (& of course some cam-whoring its a MUST!!)

: Sushi Fiesta @ miChi

Pm : Muvi
(without popcorn, dont want the extra calories! LOL!!)


Catch of the day ( a.k.a. Perk of the day :D !!)

So....How bout you guys ? Have fun ;)



Nina Manson said...

Waaahh so this is how you look like now. Hehehe. It has been so long since i last saw you. Hi Jenny!

PretzyNess said...

well..Life been bored lately, so...I've decided to do some plastic surgery(on my face)! LOL!! JK ;p Holaa Holaa to u Nina ;)

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