May 25, 2010

How to travel light (yet so Chic ♥)

Beauty Mantra Must Have :

-Facial kit(cleanser,toner & moisturizer/sunblock from damaging sun)

-Body kit(shower gels,Shampoos & Conditioner, NOTE : Hotel's Bath gel & shampoo can strip moisture from ur skin! Oowhh...well, you don't expect the Hotel to provide you 1st class bath and hair products rite ? Unless you are Paris Hilton!)

-Enough Undies & Bra(for the chics)

Chic must have :

1. We are the Free People Racerback Tank, by Free (STEAL!)

2. Straw Fedora Hat, by (STEAL!)

3. Studded Aviator, by (SPLURGE!)

4. Lola Rose Blue Howlite, Smooth precious Stone Blue Large Bracelet, by (SPLURGE!)

5. Snappy Tunic, by (SPLURGE!)

6. Shorts, (SPLURGE!)

7. Fluffy Suede Fringe Ring Sandals, by (STEAL!)

8. Sandal & Flats, by Vincii( (STEAL!)

One who never fail to pull the look : NICOLE RICHIE.

Have fun


Lik Kuan said...

Great Article! What about for fatso guys? :D..hehe

Me said...

Let me see *tinkin hard*......Hahaa! Great idea! will incorporate the size factor for future blog post ;p

Nina Manson said...

Hey Jenny! By the time you read this comment, you are probably back from your vacation. Anyway, have fun and wish you a great holiday!

Me said...

Nina~ reading ur comments its like warmth welcoming hugs! Tanks :)

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