March 2, 2011

Tear & Wear

Bonjour~ Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been so entwined by works,task...There's just so much on the To Do List! Nonetheless, one of the weekend I forced my self to accomplish my long awaited & postponed projects, Espionage Denim.

Well well...Let us begin, first you might wanna get yourself an old jeans(There's a high possibilities that you will mess up right ?). I bet you don't wanna end up using a Seven For All Mankind jeans as a guinea pig ehh ? heheee...

And of course, you need essential tools to create some magic.
Fabric scissor,a chalk (or anything that you can use to mark),a pen knife & sand paper(or Pumice stone), that's all you need.

Before you got berserk and start ripping on the jeans,
its advised that you put on the jeans & mark where you want it to be.

Next, we gonna start cut through denim at where you've marked.
Note : You don't wanna cut it to the exact extend of tear as it will widen in several wash.

To gives an edgy feel to the denim, we gonna do some flare. So get your weapons ready & scrap vigorously at the edge of the tear until you saw something like what you would call "a fringe"

Last but not least, lets head to the final step, i.e. "Scrubbing". Just imagine you are in the shower and trying to scrub off the stubborn dead skin! LOL. Places that you wanna scrub are, the tears, the front & back pockets edges and the rim of the pants below.

After mustering all your energy,
satisfactions is what you'll see,as shown below

Posing with self-ripped jeans(after one wash).
Do try this out peeps, its heaps of fun!!

Till then, Ciao~


LaViaP said...

the only tearing i could do perfectly when i fell off from my bike. i'll send my jeans to you ok? beat having me fell off my bike. :p

Jlo said...

Hahaa...Spare your knee & messy bleeding =_= I'll get it done in just a snap! *eyes sparkling* Thank you for sponsoring materials for the next project, LOL~ Am thinking to bleach some denims or fabrics next :p

Nina Manson said...

That reminds me of those older days of my grunge life. :D

Jlo said...

Zaman2 Rock dulu ka? hahaaa~ Denim is hawt, always a phenomena! :p

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