June 24, 2011

Summer And The City

Hey everyone, how's your week has been ? :D Mine has been a bit graveled, as I was busy with work & weaved my way of through the Interior Designer stuff. Am moving soon & working on the Home Improvement 101 (: Hope to share some photos from my new crib soon :) 
A tattered mind & soul might stopping me from constant spontaneous shopping, but hell..it sure didn't stop me from buying online. Been eyeing this book even before it is officially published( I read the previous book, The Carries's Diaries and got hooked) Cause i wonder what happens to Carrie when she got to New York penniless.Bought this from Amazon USA & it took about 1 month plus to reach my place. So, this babe has been the Must-Read regime before bed time :) 

The hard cover Summer And The City 

The cover really looks so REAL!
Pretty in Pink

The book without the pink cover

The author, Candace Bushnell

Upon reading chapter 1 & 2, I'm already blown away by the vocabulary & voluminous writing. As you read, it was almost as if being in NYC yourself, every single intricate details is journalized in this books. 
What has been on your shelf lately ? :D Till then~



Micz_micz said...

OMG OMG OMG ~~ The book cover looks sooo pretty !! It makes me want to read the book too =D

Miss Independent said...

oh em gee!!! the book is sooooo cute! i gotta have one!

deppa said...

Pretty book, looks like a dream :)

See you and have a great weeken!

Jlo said...

On chapter 4 right now & falling even deeper in <3 with the book :D


ninda said...

wow I love the cover, so cute and pretty! haha this post makes me want to read that book! lol :D


ChiccaStyle said...

WOW,WOW,WOW love the cover! It makes me want to read the book!!!

Vasu said...

so so pretty....such a cute cover....love the designing


FuturisticChic said...

I did not read the book long ago, unfortunately I lack time to do it, I like Paulo Coelho.Greetings from http://futuristicchic.blogspot.com/

Megan Joy said...

I love book posts. I just published one on my blog.


I will have to check out Summer and the City


Oh my Dior! said...

your blog is really pretty! that books looks amazing! I am your new follower please follow back :)


Anonymous said...

OMG this book looks amazing! Thanks for this post! Am going to check it out!


in Aie's shoes said...

Thanks for sharing! I'll look around for this! I hope i get lucky! =)

Michelle's Style File said...

You can't beat chillin' with a book!


Carrie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog! Love yours!
Books...what a wonderful pleasure! this one looks great!
XO Carrie

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

I absolutely love the packaging of this book...is a must check it out for me now. Thx doll.

<3 Marina

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