July 19, 2011

Reminiscence of the Past (UK Part 1)

Hey Hey, Is summer knocking on your door already ? :D In my country Malaysia, its really summer 24/7/365 all year long, the 4 season you guys had really put me into envy ya know. But oh well, they say reap what you've got & harness the most out of it :) Last year, I had the chance to experienced a real summer & a journey with memories that never vague. In this post, I decided to share some photos of the ubiquitous travelogue :) 

All of the photos above(and on this blog), 
are courtesy of SLK(Merci beaucoup!)

What are your most vivid memories from the summer/spring ? :D 
Till then and hope you guys had a great day ahead~



jenniina said...

amazing photos!
and u have beautiful ring:)

Nina Lacson said...

love love love the denim jacket on you!!! <3

andrebombacha said...

I love this pictures! Keep on posting them

Azeanthy Paiman said...

wow!very nice sis!i love these photos!

i follow u.follow me back ya=)

Victoria et Barbara said...

Merci, pour ton commentaire. très jolies photo

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