August 31, 2011

Coloured Cube Crumble

Hey Hey! Hope everyone is holding up good there ;D I apologize for the lack of update lately and yeah, i'm gonna spare you all the lame excuses for not updating :p And of course here's what I've been doing lately during the long holidays, i.e. Cure the baking phobia!!
Btw, A shout out to all my Muslim Friends, Eid Mubarakh! :D

Part 1, Preparing the ingredients for the base
 Reading the oven manual one last time
  I'm so well prepared
 Tadaa....the base goes into the oven
*cross finger*
Part 2, the mixed berries
(next time shall do it with fresh one! :D)
Part 3, The crumble part 
 Layer it smooth and nice on the base
And top the crumbles on top of the jam
and send them back to the oven to mingle! 
Mixed Berries Crumble Pie~

So, what is everyone up to lately ? 
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break :D 
Till then~



in Aie's shoes said...

haha you are so cute reading the procedure! =) Ahh I want some!!! =)

Miss Independent said...

omg, looks yummy!!! i love crumble pies!!!

Ayu said...

mmmhhh..yummy!!! i want some :)

Lawrence L said...

Fuyooh... How's the taste ? hahahhahah..

p/s : that weighing scale looks so familiar.. where did you get it ? Hehehe..

Chanel Tonè said...

OMWOW, That looks good! And I am lovin' your site!!! Greatly looking forward to following it ;) Would love to have you as a follower of the Style~ Spotlighted at Hope to see you really soon.


fashioneggpplant said...

oh my, looks sooo good! :)

join my ongoing giveaway!

charmaigne grace said...

yuummyyy pahingi :)

Rita said...

Wow look so delicious
Love your blog


Gayle said...

Wow, you've got skills! It looks yummy :) I just did a post about my trip to Paris :) Hope you check it out and follow my blog too!

WonderWoman said...

Hi, please join my giveaway :)

Isabel Spectre said...

ohh my gosh that looks AMAZING. wow I am jealous of your skill in the kitchen <3

Johanna and Sophie said...

looks so delicious!! :)

xx, Johanna

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