September 22, 2011

Bali : Day 1

Am back! Yea, am back from a trip to place with tranquility & breathtaking scenes. Visited one of the most renown island of Indonesia, BALI. Stayed there for 4 days 3 nite at Bali Rani Hotel which is located in central Kuta. We were greeted by a Tour guide plus the flower band(Frangipani is their national flower). Basically the whole trip is maneuvered by them. After checking in, we take a walk around the nearby street(before the tour starts). Around 3pm its time to meet up & event for the evening were first, to visit a temple at Uluwatu with a very panoramic view and naughty devious monkeys! Then we're off to watch the traditional dance, Kecak Dance at a cultural village & dinner. Btw, the dance was smoking hot! Oooh yea, I mean real fire man. Enjoy the photos ;D

A big statue just outside of Ngurah Rai International airport 
Discovery Mall
The streets nearby our hotel. Motorbikes everywhere.
Infront of the Monkey Temple
.....because temple is a sacred and holy place....
One must wear something that is at least covering the knee. They do provide free wrapping scarfs infront of the temple. Was wearing denim shorts that time :S Oh well, 
I kinna like how the scarf turned out to be :D
Warning : Monkeys everywhere, it's almost like a security camera. They got their eyes on you, Yeah YOU!
Monkeys having funs caught on camera
Btw, these monkeys are not as innocent as you might see, looks can be deceiving. They have a tendency to steal stuff like, hats, glasses and yes, U.S. Dollar. 
Panoramic view. The texture & formation of the cliff is so amazing!
The Kecak Dance before dinner
Note : He's stabbing himself with a knife, like 10x.
Photos by, SLK
That's about it from Bali Travel log Day 1.
Till Day 2 peeps, Cheers~



Sam said...

Wow! These are such great photos! Bali is one of the placest I'd love to visit so thanks for this post!!! Looks like an amazing trip!

Style Realist said...

The first image is stunning!

Mary Kapsi said...

Thanks dear for the comment on my blog :)
Following your blog! Plz follow my blog too :)

deniz saatçioğlu said...

Beautiful place. I' d love to go to Bali. I like how you wear that scarf, look like a beautiful skirt :))

Thanks for your lovely comment

Anonymous said...

what a great trip!

Deppa said...

Funny and pretty pictures! I know that you had lots of fun there :)

Have a pretty week!
See you!

Taj Acosta said...

wow these photos are very cool. I love getting to see new places! xo

Miss. Tina said...

Good info and nice pics to share :-)

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