February 13, 2012

L for Love ?

First and foremost, yes this is a post about Valentine's Day but rest assure cause I'm gonna spare you all the Valentine's day history.
It's Valentine again and we see gift store swarmed with Roses(charged double the usual price),Gifts,People getting presents.
It almost felt just like another daily ritual. 
We just succumb to the frenetic survival mode that we totally forgotten WHAT it really meant.
Maybe it's time to saunter down the road & look around. 
Have you told that someone that you love them ? Have you really appreciate them like there's no tomorrow ?

This post is just a dedication to a Friend,Boyfriend,
Best friend, Lover of my life line 
(Not forgetting my loving families for the animosities)
okay, dedications words end here cause the words are starting to sound a bit like Grammy awards speech.

 Pendant : SK Jewellery

 Privileged to be Your companion to walk the
journey of a thousand miles.

Happy Valentine's Day peeps:)


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Raji said...

That necklace is so lovely
Hope you had a fantastic valentines day and enjoyed your celebrations

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