December 17, 2009


Gossip Girl Season 3, Epi 12("Jenny, Full Of Grace") will only be air on March 8th, 2010 because its now, OFFICIALLY holiday break for the cast =__=" till........sPring 2010. Till then, make sure you are ready for another round of roller coaster ride as the springs come, not only the flowers as the melodrama & miniOns are ready to march their way in, because :-

1.) we still havent seen the solution to the "rufus & lily Tension"

2.) Jenny IS in a new Love triangLe (CHAIR-Chuck & Blair or SERENATE-Serenate & Nate)

3.) Lil eriC is hitting on boyfren pps !

Dont you wish you have, the nkt whole episode(s) of season 3 rite now ? o_o

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