December 23, 2009

so here Goes~

Snow is falling, Soul is crying (at least it rhymes? hahaa)

Pack your silver bells as the season is out,

Spring sways its way back like a voGue,

As the New year welcome You with exuberant blooms of,

uPs & Downs.

Merry Christmas & have a pRosperous new yeaR 2010! (:


Anonymous said...

Mary kiss my ass and i kinda like it. :D
[Merry Christmas!!]

PretzyNess said...

not only u can have Mary kissing ur ass u knw..u can have like, angela..MoniC..Susan..Musan..Cuzan..hahaa..buttttt u have to work hard under the mistle ye knw ;) *smirk smirk*

Lik Kuan said...

or u wan panda, gorrila, semut kiss pun nice jg...hahahaha..enjoy and mali kiss my ass!

PretzyNess said...

i tink u guys needs a snowball shots in the head o_O hahaa..enjoy ;)

LaViaP said...

err.. mary kiss my ass? sound kinky! HAHAHA! merry christmas!

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