February 22, 2010

Menu Of the Day...which one is your fav ?

Was sending some 'emails' this morning to a few frens & a fren of a fren share this one interesting article/short storie. Original version was in Chinese(coz its frm a HK fren) but I manage to share it in English, Of course tanks to the lavly, Mr. SLK♥ Enjoy!!

"when it comes to choose your husband, please compare the Engineer with the following work profession:


Almost any woman would go for a doctor. Do not put too much hope that your marriage will last more than 5 years. This is because he will runaway with another nurse, or fall with a teenage girl that pretended to be sick. This kinda thing usually and always happened when you have a few children with him.

This will not happened to your engineer husband because he is always busy that sometimes the time you spent together is less, not to say having affairs.


Do you think you can really spend your life with someone who earn a living by cheating and manipulating? And to keep a honest and trusty relationship?

You don't have to worry your Engineer husband. This is because his poor social skills is unable to cover all his lies. There is a risk to married with a lawyer, that is he will always usually win in a divorce lawsuit and you ended with nothing.


His reliability is worse than a Lawyer. Further more, he need to leave home more often and having classes and discussion with someone who have the same belief and target. Do not be surprised if one day you are being invited to a big party of 1000 ppl.

Your engineer husband however will always being trapped in office for work. Other than going home, he has no place to go.


The reason that a man work as teacher, is that he will surrounded by pretty students everyday. Therefore, he will be going to jail soon for 'playing' with underage and you will need to find a new husband for yourself.

Other dangerous profession e.g fireman, construction worker etc, if you are married to one of those, if he didn't passed away due to accident, then he might hurt his spine and causes ED,Erectile Dysfunction. And the worst of all, that is the time when you are sexually active a.k.a. HORNY! LOL!

The only risk that your engineer husband need to face is the computer and it will damage your eye sight. This risk is beneficial to you because when you get older, he will not notice due to eye sight problem. However, they have good memory and always still remember how pretty you used to be.
If you worried that he is looking at another young pretty girl, go ahead and ask, "Dear, why do you keep looking at her?" He will answer you honestly, "I cant even see her face clearly"

Benefits of marrying an Engineer :-

1. Engineers don't care abt his surroundings, so you dont have to keep your house too clean.
2. Engineers having trouble finding themselves a girlfriend, so he will be extremely loyal to the present one.
3. Engineers are boring, they do not follow the fashion and society. They only live in their blueprints and drawings, so you don't have to purposely entertain them.
4. Engineers love to fix things as entertainment. You can be smash things in front of him when you are mad and he will be willingly happy to fix it for you and you don't have to pay for it.
5. Engineers' IQ is high, after you married to him you will have smart children like him and do well in academics. Plus you can boast around your neighbour that you are proud of your children.
6. Engineers spent their time in laboratory more than spending time at home. So you will still be free even after marrying him.
7. Engineers have poor communication skills. You can always play words with him and he is unable to fight back.
8. Engineers always talk logic. If what you say is logical, he will listen to you. If he think wat he say is logical, you can argue and dont have to go along the logical way and he has no choice but to agree with you.
9. Engineers have well paid salary. They do not spend a lot of money for themselves and hardly any other woman spend their money. So you can spend his money wisely, and tell them this is to improve the economy.
10. Engineers do not have other attractive points other than those stated above. so you do not have to worry them having affair after marrying them."

No offend intended & hOpe none taken! LOL! & Yea, i got proposed by One too =.="

(You know who you are :p)


Anonymous said...

Congratz~!! *firing firework and crackers*
anyway, bout the story.
it's kinda true~ :p

PretzyNess said...

tanks!! ^^" *bow..bow & bow again* So, watched out coz u will be saman soon..hahaha...The story is a classic & cliché rite ? hahaa!

LaViaP said...

WAAHHH! TRUE! VERY TRUE! but i'm now hybrid engineer? how?

eh don't forget to saman me HAHAHA!

PretzyNess said...

Hybrid of Divers & Engineer OR IT geek & Engineer ? hahaa...a pinch of both sides then...hahaa :p u cant wait to be Saman huh? hahaa..No worries, will let u knw when to pick it up ;)

Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

Nice blog!

PretzyNess said...

Welcome Natalie! ;)

LaViaP said...

an engineer with a pinch of IT, outdoor activity (social skills there), bad boy look but deep down inside still a geek. with all of this i still have problem getting a girlfriend HAHAHA

PretzyNess said...

Chillll Pai~ hahahaa...they said luv♥ comes at times u least expect! ;)

Zanah said...

Congrats on your engagement :) Mon Mode Blog

PretzyNess said...

Tanks a bunch zanah!! :)

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