March 5, 2010

Sanity Sane

To keep my sanity sane(coz works schedule is packed with 'DEAD' Line, that's what i like to call it instead of date line, LOL!! & busy arranging some pre-xxxxxxx stuff), I decided to try out the spa. Its my first visit actually ;p(been wanted to try it out for quite sometime). Other than the feeling of being naked while u are massaged/scrubed(you have to be 98% naked actually! hahaha..), its really pampering & real indulgence for those who need to escape for a while from those hustles of your (bored&daily)routine.....Owhh FYI, at the end of the sessions u might wanna have sumone or taxi to fetch You home coz your whole body felt like a butter which had spread & melted on a nicely toasted bread~ hahahaa! :)


LaViaP said...

uih, i would be geli2 oh. tulang saja bah sya

PretzyNess said...

I cant imagine it =.=" *still imagining & i knw i should stop* hahhaaa! Even for me, i had to tell d masseur to use moderate strength! hahaaa...their strength i tell u, boleh masuk Olympic category Angkat Berat! HaHaHaaaaa.

Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

Oh i need that jaja

PretzyNess said...

Every girls deserve a break :) tanks for droppin by Natalie ;)

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