June 6, 2010

Macau (Day 1 & 2)

Day 1 & 2
Route : KOTA KINABALU - HK Airport - (by subway)Ferry Station - MACAU
Highlight(s) : Temple of Ah Ma, Macau Tower & Venetian and Casino(s)
WARNING : Very Long Blog Post...might cause Nausea.

Our ride to Macau : Turbo Jet

The interior of the Turbo Jet...Nice & cozy.

1st Casino spotted : Sands

Buffer dinner @ Rock Hotel

Sun set view overlooking my dining table,
pure tranquility :)

Night falls,Lights up....everything else sits nicely on its place
ready a good show for us to capture & memorize :)

Next Morning : Temple of Ah Ma~

Saw these stacks of bamboos at one corner of the temple
...with lots of wishes on it

Zoom in 100% ....hahaa!

Lantern of Wishes?

bought one too & wrote down my wishes ;p now....
lets see if it works.....

Portuguese Tart !!! 1 word : Awesome!

Had our lunch @ Macau Tower, 360 Restaurant which is on the 60th floor.
This is the view from the top & they do have Sky diving, Sky walk

Bungee Jump...Adrenaline Rush related! hahaha..

Visited St. Paul's Ruins after lunch

M A T E R - D E I : Mother :)

Quenching my thirst!

Somwhere....In the evening

Macau City Hall

Upon the entrance the stairways to the Macau City Hall
leads you to a Garden :)

We tried the famous Steamed Milk, I ordered
Red Bean Steam Milk (cold)
Seriously.....Dont ask me how it taste.....Hahaaa

the taste its jst so....'MILK'

Saw this interesting Casino & according to the local tour guide,
this is built on Feng Shui
believe, as you can see its a golden egg below & the above vertical building represents a mother hen pressing on the golden egg...So the gold (a.k.a. money) hatched by the golden egg bloomed up into every single tails.. As in the generations will always be rich & prosper!

the 1k gold @ the entrance of Jacky Chan's Hotel
& of course...who would thought....

Cinderella Pumpkin Coach

stranded in Macau...Hahaaa!

Last stop of the day : Venice VENETIAN

The night view @ Venetian

Dome & hallway of Venetian, Italiano anyone?
It really gives you the Royal kinna creepy feeling...i dunno...makes u wanna sing
Yellow, by Coldplay? Hahaa..watever~

Shopping for some souvenirs & .....
cam whoring with the Italian Masquerade Mask!
Owh btw, it cost around HKD 700!

its 24/7/365 day light in Venetian!

While trying to figuring our way out, we stumble upon tis!
Once u put the money(coins ? na naa...it wont muv! Hahaa) on the stage,
the human statue gonna start moving..&
try to grab your hair!(JK)

To be continue....


Anonymous said...

so nice woohh..
how i wish i could join.. *sob*

Me said...

HaaHa...yeaaa~ a bit rush overally but at least sometin rite ? :) A break from work!

LaViaP said...

i just love that steam milk!

kwongfoon said...

itu AMA TEMPLE tipu !!!! oh...miss itu venetian!

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