June 8, 2010

HK Day 1 (3rd Day)

Tadadaaa *News On tv sound effects* Welcome back peeps & thanks for tuning in again! So, we spend our 3rd day in Hong Kong(Macau to HK using the Turbo Jet thingy) & stationed at Eaton Hotel. Luckily, the hotel is located quite near to a subway station, Jordan Subway & Yau Ma Tei Subway( I know..I know it sounds like, You go Die in Malay right? Hahaaa!).

Without wasting anytime(its almost 4pm & the sky is super duper cloudy..or was it haze ? Me & my friends head to Jordan Subway & on our way to Ladies Street & Fa Yuen Street.
All photo credit to SLK

Spotted this limo on the way back to our hotel after breakfast,
jst before leaving Macau.
Astalavista Macau,Hello Hong Kong!

NOTE : This is not a KFC related advertisment.
Directions to Ladies Street &
Fa Yuen Street.

Fa Yuen Street,
Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Converse...Adidos?(JK)
You name it, they have it..
Poooff!! We reached Ladies Street
(You'll eventually reach here even tho you are lost
because its really just around the corner..hahaaa!)

Bags everywhere... O.O

I HK shirts every where too..

All of a sudden(subconsciously,I guess! hahaa!)
we were there buying the accessories.
We were actually jst 'browsing' through..Owh well,
one thing leads to another..Each one of the subjects(Me,Kwong Foon,Henley)
in the pic above end up buying 3 bangles/accessories.

(except the guy Red Shirt,Lek)

The Ah Sam(aunt) damn persuasive!
she gonna keep putting on those things on your hand & keep
telling how good they look on you...

until u BUY it. Case Close.

Hit the nearby shop along the street to recharge,
cause we heading to...Climb, up up the hill....

Honey Green Tea...you,
SERIOUSLY should really try this

After much running in the rain & got lost, we finally
reached The Peak Tower station,
Gateway to heaven The Peak Tower!
which cost HK 56.

We went up till the Sky Terrace level!

Our ride up
(can you see the long queue?)

There's lots of shops & restaurant
in the building
...Yes! we were at the top(please zoom in)

Yes, we were up there.....trying to take some Night views,
in the middle of the rain! how romantic

4th Day post coming up!!...brb after short advertisement,
don't switch your channel!


superdogshim said...

oh my oh my. Cant wait for your nxt post

Me said...

what a enthusiasm *wipe sweat off forehead* Hahaaa...thanks!! *huggzz*

kwongfoon said...

aikssss.... u forget to tag my BLUE GAL BEER!!!! haahaha

Me said...

Alcohol content high..DANGER DANGER...Hahaa! after a few sip will cause numbness, to your 'surrounding'..hahaa!

LaViaP said...

damn! not enough time for sight seeing. all i saw was shopping. not that i'm into shopping but well it's like everyone wants to shop. i just want to take picture.

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