April 2, 2011

Off those heads!

They say, work hard & play hard. Yeah~ Been working my ass brain off lately, late nite readings, caffein overdosed, researching, Self-enrichment, etc. Splurge, to my definition in general(i believe in most of the girls' vocab too) is, when browsing thru the malls and end up a few stuff extra in the shopping bag. Bought these this product named, b.liv by Cellnique at Sasa.

A set of blackheads & whiteheads sebum gel(30ml),3 packs of moisturizing  sheet mask & a small fabric tote.
The so called under promotion set cost RM 149.00, good deal ? 

No kidding, this post has nothing to do with cutting off the heads, human heads nor animal heads...or any kind of heads :D

Upon application it felt cold, sending you a cooling sensation. Instructions given are, to use in the morning & evening, 2 times a day for 14 days. (Its a money guaranteed product peeps!)
Am expecting a good results after 14 days. Cause having blackheads problems is almost like a migrain,u cant fathom how worse it can goes. 
Do check out their other products here, b.liv :)



Nina Manson said...

Keep me updated with the result ah!!

Jlo said...

Will do! :) 3 more days to 14 days :p

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