April 17, 2011

B.liv by Cellnique

Hey Peeps! How's your weekend been? Well, for me it's been 14 days(okay, more than 14 to be honest) since i tried the product, b.liv by cellnique, read more bout the blackhead serum package that i bought here :) This product review was kinna unexpected as i didn't usually do product review on my blog, but upon request from a lavly fren, Why not ? :)

As you can read from the previous post, upon application it felt cold (almost sensational) & i like the fact that it is fragrance free. Just a little information here, my blackheads problem you can say, is spreading like an aggresive tumor. It's constantly growing back within 3 days of removal(I usually use those nose strips,yea i still use it). When it grows to its fullest, the whole nose felt like a land full grown with Cactus. 

So, this is the photos of my blackheads on a piece of nose strip. Note : I HAD to use averagely 2 strips per week(The cost ain't cheap babe)



Above, photos taken after using the b.liv blackhead sebum gel.
(and i scrub the T zone area once a week)

Overall rating i would giv out of 10 base on effectiveness? I would say 8/10. Would I buy it again? Yes :) 


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Dinorah ♥ said...

WOW!!! I sooo need this lol I have a horrible blackhead problem but nothing has worked. ;(

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