April 28, 2011

Spotlight on : Emma Roberts on Seventeen

If you've watched Sream 4 lately, then you'll might wonder who is that girl, yes, she is Emma Roberts. She also play a role in Valentine Day movie 2010. Despite her singing career that plunge into no where, yet she's been stealing the lime light more on stage for theater & movies. And now, she is on Seventeen magazine cover for May 2011, looking blissfully fabulous.

image by, seventeen magazine

image by, denimblog

Above are some of her photos off-screen :D
Always Chic in her own way :)
Who are your fashion inspirations ? Till then~



Cindy said...

I love how Emma Roberts started out just being Julia Robert's niece, but she's really made a name for herself as an individual now. Plus, she's a good role model!

Style Soufflé

Michelle's Style File said...

Beautiful girl- loving those leopard print shoes too!!


SunshineRae said...

Lovely! I love the over-the-knee sock look- personal fave! My style icon at the oment is Jameela Jamil - search her! She's a TV presenter over here in the UK, always looks so stylish and chic!




Sarah said...

She's wearing such gorgeous outfits!



Kimberly said...

love emma she is so pretty and i love her style!


dotie said...

the girl definitely got style that's for sure :)
i have a long list of fashion inspiration that keeps on growing...

Jlo said...

Thank you so much girls!! Hugss~ :D She's definitely a rising star & Fashion Icon ;)


Anonymous said...

She has a cute style. My faves are the Olsen twins. Love their style!

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Sara said...

emma roberts is a great actress. i loved her in aquamarine! nice post :)


Jlo said...

@ Cortnie : Olsen twins are awesome fashion icons too, i have to agree ;D

@ Sara : Thanks for the lovely comment sara! hugss


Claire said...

Beautiful girl. Lucky she's got great genes too!


paula said...

Sure, now following you, don't forget to follow back! :)


Jlo said...

@ claire : Indeed! ;)

@ Paula : just visited your blog, and followed back ;) hugss

Laura said...

She's so pretty and stylish! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, I am also following you :)


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

she is so pretty!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Vale ♥ said...

Pretty and very natural, I like her a lot !


Niki said...

aaaaa great!!! ;)

Sam said...

She's gotten better in general, but I will forever dislike her for what she said about fashion and how "Target is cheesy", as a fashion designer myself, I hate how some celebrities like her think that unless you're stuff is on the runway, it's not "cool or wearable". It's a little pretentious :/

Lovely blog! Following you back! :D


Jlo said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments ;)

@ Sam : That one i have to agree with you, coz u dunt wanna stuck with all branded stuff from head to toe! Looks so plastiscky, LOL Tanks for dropping by my blogg, hugss~ ;)

Miss Independent said...

can't believe she's all grown up now, i practically grew up watching her on nickelodeon!

deniz saatçioğlu said...

Thanks for your visit following. I always follow back.


Cara said...

She is gorgeous, love her!
xo Cara

Jlo said...

Thank you so much girls!!


Holly said...

She is one of my fave actress's. LOVE her! you have a great blog and am now following. :)


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