September 29, 2010

Down, again

Hi, all~ yes.....I'm down with sickness again & this time more Avant-Garde(Ear infection, thanks to the germs from previous fever).

Pros : I get to an M.C. (yayyy!! No office today!!)
Cons : I have to finish 2 stripes of Antibiotics :& yaikss~

Of course while on bed you need a good book!
(Hope to finish it soon,its been ages LOL!)

Till then, Take care guys! :D


Lik Kuan Shim said...

get well soon k xoxo

Jlo said...

blerrkk~ thanks :p

Nina Manson said...

Where is the BB profile picture? Capaaaatttt! KEkekekeke!

Jlo said...

uina~ sabar sabar ko nina~ hahaa! next saturday then i'll get to see & choose...hahaa! definately will show it to u :D

Nubia said...

Awesome hair moves lol the pattern on your top is gorgeous

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