September 11, 2010

A little Unwell

Down with fever for 3 days...can barely eat anything solid except fluid.....yet Miracle....yea, I mean pull myself up & browse through the store & back, NOT empty handed...Oh Gawd~ FYI : Girls have these natural glows when they shop...guys take note of that! hahaaa!

Sultry Lace :D
(FYI : this is not lingerie pieces,LOL!
Fall in lurve instantly with the paper bag!!)
Can't wait to show u guys these outfit, stay tune!!


Lik Kuan Shim said...

cant wait to see the content! must be amazing~ XoX

Jlo said...

don't worry, u'll be mesmerized! LOL :p

Nina Manson said...

Take picture of you wearing it ahhh! :D

Jlo said...

yeap, will post once i wear it :D

Nina Manson said...

Bah capat.. KEkeke

S.C said...

where is the boutique~~ hahah
wear it wear it!!!

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