September 20, 2010

When They say, I Do.

When couples say, I do, they __________ .(Kindly fill in the blank to suit your needs. LOL...hahaaa~) okay, cut the crap...So, i attended a fren of a fren's wedding's last weekend. Congrats Edmund & Cee Yi! :D More photos of their wedding here .

Edmund & Cee Yi

&..........When they say, Nah~ ____________ .
(Yea, fill in the blank, again! hahaaa!)

Dress, Shoe & Acessories: Maylana (Boutique)
Handbag : Gift from a lavly gal :)


Lawrence L said...

Eh, lama tak nampak you, nampak macam dah lain lah.. macam dah beautiful... *wink

*end of semenanjung slang

Lik Kuan Shim said...

Confirm lah beautiful~ itu special woman bah *sabahan kk Hakka slang* lol.
The photographer will kena whack if tak cantekkk

Jlo said...

Lawrence L : Awak dah tak waras ke ?! Dah Kuak dehhh~~ *high-pitched west Malaysian slang* Hahaaa!

LK Shim : Pandai pandai lar kau ahh! hahaaa!

Nina Manson said...

Wuaahhhh Jennny, I've never seen you in a dress! Cantik!!!! Pewit!

Jlo said...

Nina : aisehh man~ kambang sana sini suda nih~ hahaaa! Thanks for dropping by! :p Huggzz~

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